need help on Oracle Report Server, schedule a report job as ToMail

need help on Oracle Report Server, schedule a report job as ToMail

Post by Jennifer Don » Wed, 02 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have a Oracle Report Server running on my NT box. I have tried to
schedule a report job as ToPrinter and ToReport (HTML) and both of them
works well. When I tried the 'ToMail', I always got following message:

REP-4201: Error occurred while initializing the Mail

I wonder if oracle has its own mail client or it needs a mail client,
something like outlook.

I did check the document where it says the Report Server doesn't work well
with Exchange Server, which is the mail server used in my company. I did
follow the instruction there and start the Report Server in foreground by

    rwmts60.exe -listen <tnsname>

Also, is anyone using the Report Server in production? How do you like it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



1. Reports, reports, reports, reports.....REPORTS!

Why do users want reports?

I mean, isn't it enough for them to see their information on the screen?
Why waste paper, toner, printheads, time, money, etc.?  If they *really*
want to distribute information to their clients, can't they just send them a
cheap computer with a replicated copy of the database?  Wouldn't that just
be much simpler for everyone involved (especially me)?

I can't figure it out.  I *try* and *try* to tell them that reports are
really unnecessary.  It's all in their mind.  It's a myth.  Paper reports
are waiting for the next meteorite.

But, alas, they pay me no heed and continue to insist on reports.  So, here
we are.

Currently, we're using Crystal Reports 7.0.  But, I find I *ABSOLUTELY AND
UNEQUIVOCALLY DO NOT LIKE IT.*  It's not that there's anything wrong, per
se, with the product.  Just a preference.

Has anyone out there used both Crystal and Active Reports and have some
opinion or comparison they can offer?


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