Oracle 8i for Linux license

Oracle 8i for Linux license

Post by Steve Parke » Wed, 02 Feb 2000 04:00:00


Can anyone tell me the limitations that the developer lisence imposes
(as opposed to the production license)?   Are multiple concurrent
connections still supported (technically)?

Also, what are the licensing prices for Linux?  same as for other OSes?

any help is much appreciated.



1. Connection Pooling / Licenses Control on Oracle 8i

I am trying to write a server (mostly using RMI with the clients) and in
order to control all the licenses that we have (15 total) in the Oracle 8i.
I am thinking that a Connection Pooling with fit perfectly.
  However, I wonder if someone could advise me for a better solution or so.
This server will both serve applications within a Intranet as well as
Servlets on the Internet.



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