FRM-99999 using Developer Server

FRM-99999 using Developer Server

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I am trying to run an Oracle Forms module as a Web application on
Windows NT (standalone) using Forms 6.0, OAS and Oracle 8.0.5
Enterprise Edition.   My configuration uses a Web Cartridge and
JInitiator  A Forms Server listener is running on port 9000.

When I start the application from the client, the java console displays
hundreds of messages of the form:
Opening http://MyHost:9999/forms60code/oracle/forms/engine/<classfile>
no proxy

The last line in the java console is:
no proxy

The Oracle error message is:
FRM-99999: A network error occured, the client will not be able to
Java Exception: connection reset by peer

Does anyone have any ideas?

While on the subject, when I try to run the module in an AppletViewer
window (ie not using JInitiator), I get:

I don't have a javax or a sun subdirectory anywhere on my hard drive, so
I guess that could be part of the problem :)  Did I miss part of the
installation of OAS/Developer etc?



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1. FRM-99999


I am receiving error FRM-99999 from Forms 5.0 from workstations when trying
connection with Forms Server.
It runs on NT 4.0 SP5 with Oracle Server 8.0.4.

I am about to upgrade to Forms 6. Is it necessary to keep Jinitiator? I have
Does installer uses same ORACLE_HOME created by Oracle 8.0.4 installer?

Any suggestions, experiences and comments will be valuable.

Thanks in advance.
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