Oracle Licensing on Linux

Oracle Licensing on Linux

Post by Steven Parke » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone have all the details about licensing Oracle on Linux?  Is it
currently free?  What will the cost be?

Thanks much in advance    -steve


1. Oracle Licensing on Linux

I'm rather confused as to how Oracle charge for licensing on Linux wrt to
connections.  In the case of Sybase ASE on Linux, you can have any number of
concurrent connections at no extra cost.  How much do more do I have to pay
over the $1300 for 100 concurrent connections using Oracle?

This is particularly important as I am using Oracle to develop an Internet
application which could have up to 100 concurrent connections to the
database (all under the same logon of course).

Can someone give me an indication as to whether I need to pay more for this?



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