Convert Forms 3 -> Forms 4.5 App

Convert Forms 3 -> Forms 4.5 App

Post by Lasse Larsso » Tue, 15 Sep 1998 04:00:00


We are thinking about converting a large Forms 3 application run under VMS
to Forms 4.5 character mode. I was wondering if there is much hands on
and if there are known problems.
I think the forms we work just nice but what about menus, user_exits etc...

Thankful for any opinions...

Lasse Larsson


1. Running 10.7 Apps GUI form in Forms 4.5 outside Apps


I have been trying to modify an Apps 10.7 form.
This is a GUI form in forms 4.5
But when I try to run this form in Dev 2000 : forms 4.5
I get the error : on error trigger failure.

This form  requires two other forms to run as the objects
in this form are connected. I have put these other forms
APPSTAND.frm and INVSTAND.frm in the same directory
in C: drive. I have put the path of this directory  Forms_Path  
registry. I am trying to run this form in Windows 95.

The form runs fine on the apps.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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