I want the search result display like altavista style, How?

I want the search result display like altavista style, How?

Post by Pao W » Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I'am writing a web site using PL/SQL.The result from a select statement return
1000 records, I want cut them into 20 records per page (just like altavista
search engine), I am know using a counter to count until it reach 20 inside
the fetch statement. Is there a better way to fetch certain range of records
(for example 20th - 40th) from the return of a select statement.

Can I save the first search result to a temp table, so when user click "next
20" I don't have to issue the select statement again which will save a lot
time. But when I will drop the temp table?


1. Altavista style

A little bit of a newbie on SQL server, Im trying to build a Altavista style
search result, where you can get 20 rows from page 5 for example. Ive tried
to built it with SQL cursors (Fetch Relative) nd Temp tables but I cant get
any reel speed in it.

The table contains about 15000 records. Small results are quick but larger
(1000-) are very slow.

Please anyone, give me some hints.

Magnus Hagstr?m

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