How to send results back on Webserver?

How to send results back on Webserver?

Post by Chad M. Hegert » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00

What I have seen done usually is to process the entire query and then deal
with the data on the web server. IIS has an example of how to di this. You
only display so many records from the results at a time.

Hope it helps.

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Quote:> Hi,everyone:
> I used PL/SQL to provide query for my users, in my condition a query
> might generate lots of results and I want to send those results page
> by page. For instance, i submit a query which hits 1000 records, and
> I want send 50 records first, then send 50...but i want do the query
> only once. How should i do?
> I once saw someone ask a similar question but i think the browse.sql
> is not what i want.


1. MS PSS please note: Loads of packets sent back to client, but no result sets

Connect to your SQL Server by TCP/IP Sockets

Try running up Network Monitor or similar software and watch the
exchange of packets while you run the following code:


set nocount on





I consistently see just under 1 MB of traffic coming back from the
server. Not good over a slow link. My NetMon 2.0 Lite (non SMS
version) doesn't have the TDS.dll parser, so I can't read the data.
Does anyone know what this is and/or how to stop it?

In the real world, its a cursor, and I get tonnes of packets back and
its really slowing the whole thing down.

Many thanks,

Alasdair Cunningham-Smith


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