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We are a group of specialists qualified in web design programming and
we're looking for telecommuting (job at distance).
We are specialized in the Internet business, we develop different
internet projects,
web sites and program products on the basis of individual orders.
We can materialize any order solicited by you or your firm.
It can be an integral design work for a web site, or it can be something

This is what we do
1. WEB design the creation of individual style and design of a visual
part of the project (everything that will be visible).
In work we use: Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Image
Style, Paint Shop Pro 6.0, Fractal Design Painter 5.0, Corel Draw
9.0,Macromedia Fireworks 2.0, Macromedia FLASH 4.0

2. Programming the accomplishment of your projects programming
(HTML, JAVA, CGI Scripts, Delphi, C ++ and other programming languages)

3. Data Bases programming the development and creation of necessary
data bases, integration of data Bases into WEB, administration of
created projects.
We program in all main data bases (Access, SQL, SyBase), under necessary
operational systems (Windows NT, Linux and Unix) and WEB Servers
(Microsoft Internet Information Server, Apache).

We are also ready to examine other co-operation-related offers, not
necessary in the Internet field, especially the ones that need qualified

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to write us. Together we
could discuss the possible co-operation variants as well as prices that
would be convenient for both of us.

You can see some of our accomplished works at:

Best regards, Vadim Turkine



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Note: Some of your links are mixed up.


1. Creating Graphics to load machines work (like Gantt’s graphics)

Hi everybody,

I work at a textile company and im trying to build an application to help
the planning department. Therefore, my department director needs, currently,
to plan the loading of our jacquards machines. The best way it had occurred
me was showing that loading in a graphical way, specially like Gantts way.
At the left we could have the identification of machines, and at the bottom
a calendar with weeks. At any moment, it should be possible to create
positions (cross between machine/week) that would represent an order, that
should be made in a certain machine and finish at a certain time.
Ive already worked on possible solutions, but they are all too manual. I
m afraid of loosing my time and ideas in a solution (an ActiveX, or
something), that someone has already created (i know, i know, there are
several applications of production that have this, but i need to find a
cheaper way).

Any ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Ricardo Almeida

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