CO Boulder Java Oracle

CO Boulder Java Oracle

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Genomica Corporation

Genomica Corporation is a leading bioinformatics company that develops
comprehensive, integrated software and services that facilitate gene
discovery programs. Genomica's software products aid researchers,
doctors, people and drug developers in understanding the relationships
between diseases and genes, cure and treatment of disease and genes,
and the influence and effect of the environment on gene mutations.

Genomica is looking for senior relational database developers with the
following experience:

* 5-15 years software development, database application development
and object oriented analysis and design
* detailed understanding of Java, JDBC and object to relational
* complex schema design
* query and database performance analysis and optimization
* multi-tiered object applications
* application servers or EJB servers
* distributed computing (CORBA or EJB)
* UML and schema modeling tools
* leading small development teams

General qualifications:
* Minimum of 5 years experience developing object & database
* Experience developing medium or large software products
* Experience developing and delivering high quality software
product(s), supporting deployed software products and software product
life cycle
* Highly motivated, good communication skills, adept at working in a
team environment

Any of the following would be desirable:
* Live science academic training
* Development of software tools or products to support biologists,
live science researchers, Bioinformatics groups
* Experience with large, complex software applications

Send your resume or CV to:            
4001 Discovery Drive,  Suite 130
                             Boulder, CO  80303

About Genomica Corporation

Genomica Corporation combines molecular biology, genetics, mathematics
and computer science to deliver a Bioinformatics desktop system for
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, regulatory, agribusiness and research
medical genetics companies.  The software package is unique in that it
maintains information on every aspect of the gene discovery process,
from clinical genetics work-up, to human genetics, genotyping,
molecular cloning and functional analysis of the gene sequence.  Other
systems focus on only one portion of gene discovery, typically
sequence analysis.  Detailed information is available on our web site

About Genomics

Genomics is both the study of the genome - the complete genetic
structure of an organism - and the combination of technologies that
enables researchers to identify genes and gene products.  The human
genome consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes and an estimated 100,000
genes.  Over ten years ago the Human Genome Project was initiated to
map these 100,000 DNA sequences.

Mapping the human genome, that is, determining the relative positions
of genes on a chromosome, requires the collection and analysis of a
myriad of genetic, molecular, biochemical and environmental
information.  Bioinformatics provides the tools for scientists to
access, integrate, analyze, share and use the voluminous data
generated from genome projects.  These tools include genotyping,
genotype analysis, genetic mapping, physical mapping, sequencing and
sequence analysis and mutation detection. Bioinformatics software
allows researchers to search through these data and convert it into
useful information for the advancement of gene and target discovery
programs in clinical and agricultural practice.


1. CO-BOULDER-90900--ORACLE-DBA Skills-Perl-Java-C-C++-Programmer Analyst

******** VISIT US AT ***********
Company    : Powerworx Online
Website    :
Job Title  : Programmer Analyst
Location   : BOULDER, CO
Job Type   : Full-Time Salaried
Programmer Analyst, Powerworx, Online an Internet service provider is looking
for a few good men or women who are up for the challenge of fast paced, start
up environment.

Must be a self starter, have knowledge of Oracle databases, Perl, Java, C/C++
and Web Software Development. Preferably have a degree in Computer Science with
3 - 5 years work experience. Please send resume or email.

Travel Required          :None
Educational Requirements :Bachelors Degree
Preferred Degree         :Computer Science
Required Skills
* DBA Skills
* Perl
* Java
* C
* C++
Contact Information:
Reference : Job Code SJ90900
Lori - Human Resources

Fax No: 303-442-4080
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