Re-setting NLS_LANG from C++/OCI app

Re-setting NLS_LANG from C++/OCI app

Post by Pat Web » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

Hello, If this is posted to the wrong oracle group, please let me know so
that I may re-post.

I am running against OCI 7.3.

Here are the steps that I am following:

        1) Get my client's locale information
        2) putenv(NLS_LANG=appropriate string);
        3) olog()
        4) oopen()
        5) dutifully do my client's bidding
        6) oclose()
        7) ologof()
        8) wait for a new client to connect to me.
        9) if a new client connects, return to step 1.

Here's what's happening.  The initial pass works perfectly.  But if a
subsequent client is running with different locale information that
mandates a different NLS_LANG setting connects, the NLS_LANG variable
is apparently not being re-read by Oracle.  I make this assumption because
I continue to get the data returned to me in the format that was proper
for the initial setting of NLS_LANG.

My initial assumption that going to the lengths of calling ologof() prior
to the re-setting of NLS_LANG would be sufficient was obviously in error.

One possible solution that was suggested to me was to submit an "ALTER
SESSION" command after the resetting of NLS_LANG.  This either isn't the
answer or I didn't submit the proper ALTER SESSION command.

So, I guess my questions are:

Can this even be done?  or is this an Oracle bug/deficiency?

If the answer is "Yes, this can be done", where in the world in the
oracle documention should I have been able to find this info?


Does anyone know where in the documentation I can find a complete
listing of ALTER SESSION options and parameters?

Thanks for any help or advice!

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Re-setting NLS_LANG from C++/OCI app

Post by Maurice Bauha » Sat, 31 May 1997 04:00:00

Pat, check out Oracle7(tm) SQL Language Quick Reference (Oracle Book file
in the documentation CD /ORACLE/DOC/SERVER/72/SVSQL.OBD pp. 34-35) and
Oracle7 ServerSQL Language Reference Manual (Oracle Book file in the

Maurice Bauhahn (neophyte)

>Does anyone know where in the documentation I can find a complete
>listing of ALTER SESSION options and parameters?

>Thanks for any help or advice!


1. OCI 8 - Simple Question - New to Oracle OCI C++ Programming

Here is my problem:

I have a sequence I need to read from an table on an V8 server.  I need to
do this a lot (say up to 500 times).  I am currently using the ODBC
CRecordset class of MFC which was working, but now every now and then it
pops up and says it can't read a memory location.  Unfortunately, I trace it
to MFC code so I'm stuck.

I started delving into OCI and simply want to get the next sequence number
for starters.  Here is what I have written so far having looked at the OCI
manual and examples.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <oci.h>

void checkerr(OCIError *errhp, sword status);

void main(void)
 int status;

 static text *username = (text*)"myUser";
 static text *password = (text*)"myPass123";
 static text *dbName   = (text*)"myDB";

 static OCIEnv  *ociEnv;
 static OCIError  *ociError;
 static OCISvcCtx *ociServer;
 static OCIStmt  *ociStatement;
 static OCIDefine *ociDef;

 sword pKey;

 // Initialize the OCI system and set the environment handle
 OCIEnvInit((OCIEnv**)&ociEnv, OCI_DEFAULT, NULL, NULL);

 // Allocate the ERROR and SERVER handles
 OCIHandleAlloc(ociEnv, (void**)&ociError, OCI_HTYPE_ERROR, NULL, NULL);
 OCIHandleAlloc(ociEnv, (void**)&ociServer, OCI_HTYPE_SVCCTX, NULL, NULL);

 // Allocate the STATEMENT handle
 OCIHandleAlloc(ociEnv, (void**)&ociStatement, OCI_HTYPE_STMT, NULL, NULL);

 // Logon to the server
 status = OCILogon(ociEnv, ociError, (OCISvcCtx**)ociServer, username,
strlen((char*)username), password, strlen((char*)password), dbName,

 // Prepare and execute an SQL statment
 checkerr(ociError, (status = OCIStmtPrepare(ociStatement, ociError,
 checkerr(ociError, (status = OCIStmtExecute(ociServer, ociStatement,
ociError, 1, 0, NULL, NULL, OCI_DEFAULT)));

The OCIStmtExecute command returns a -2 which is OCI_INVALID_HANDLE.
Since all previous functions return 0 (no errors), I assume it is my
ociStatement handle.
What have I missed?  I want to connect, query, return the result (and I
realize I need an OCIDefineByPos(..) call to map the PKEY column I aliased),
and print the number to the screen.

OCI Manual says I can define after the execute and still be ok.  I've tried
defining before and after and always the OCIStmtExecute returns

Help please?!?!  Are there better places to ask this question?  Otherwise, I
need a nudge.

P.S. - I briefly perused the mailing list and found nothing of relevence.
Thank you in advance.

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