Accessing Package Variables from Forms 4.5

Accessing Package Variables from Forms 4.5

Post by Carl Hothersal » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a clever way to get/set publically available
database package variables from Forms 4.5?  (to my knowledge, it isnt
possible directly because Forms 4.5 uses PL/SQL V1).

One solution is to have procedures on the database that get/set the
variables, eg.

function get_package_variable (p_name)
return varchar2
   if p_name = package.var1 then
      return package.var1;
   elsif p_name = package.var2 then
      return package.var2;
   end if;

However, this is not generic does anyone know of a way of
getting/setting the variable that is passed as a parameter without all
the IF statements?  What Im really after, is a way of mimic-ing the
forms NAME_IN and COPY functions in a database procedure.  Ive looked
at DBMS_SQL and all that sort of stuff, but couldnt come up with
anything any ideas?

Thanks, in advance, for your help,


1. Forms 4.5 and Packaged Procedures

The Problem:
Forms-Desiger 4.5 does not accept packaged procedure calls like
"Package.Procedure(Prameters)" returning some compilation errors.
(Just to answer the first question: Yes the package header(s)
and body(s) are valid in the database)
Forms-Designer 6.0 accepts the same .fmb File using the same
database(!) without complaints...
As I got to "downgrade" new forms applications to the old
version (manually) any idea could help.



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