Q: ODBC Problem w. diff. ver

Q: ODBC Problem w. diff. ver

Post by Matthias Geini » Wed, 04 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi net-members,

I have a slight problem with Oracle ODBC and MS-VC 1.5 + MFC.

1.) I developed a program on a machine with Windows 3.11,
VC 1.5, Oracle ODBC and SQL Net 1.19.0A. The
programm compilies and works fine.

2.) Now I try to test it on another machine also with Windows 3.11 +
VC 1.5 but Oracle ODBC and SQL Net
It complies without erros but it will hang when I try to read
all rows of a table. It goes in an endless loop. In a debugging
session it says after a while "System remains anstable ...".

It opens fine but when I do a MoveNext() there is nothing in
the row. But definatly there is something. The IsEOF() function
return that there is no EOF.

Here the necessary code with I can reproduce the problem:

        CDatabase DB;
        tpm* re;   // my CRecordSet Object
        re = new tpm(&DB);

        if (re->IsOpen())
                while (!re->IsEOF())  // everytime TRUE
                        TRACE("MSGID: %s\n", re->m_MSGID);  // (**1**)
        delete re;

(**1**) At this point there should be something in m_MSGID but there
isn't. But EOF still says that end of file is not reached. So it
moves one record forward and so on ...

By the way Oracle ODBC test works fine (on both machines)!

Hope somebody has solve this problem before and can help me.
Thanks for every hint in advance.


PS.: If you need some further information drop me a line I will
post it.

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