Oracle on linux license

Oracle on linux license

Post by kevinator.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello all,
   I'm just getting back to doing stuff with Oracle. The project I'm on
now has an NT Server running ORacle 8i. I have a linux box that I want
to use exclusively to load data into the Oracle Server on NT. My
question is, do I have to buy another Oracle Server license or is
covered in the original purchase? My second question is, do I need to
load an entire oracle server onto my linux machine or can I just load
client software (SQL*PLUS, SQL*Loader)?
   thanks in advance for the help.


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1. Monitoring NT-Sybase from Linux without Linux-license?

We run a shop system based on Sybase. The shop system came with Sybase
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Sybase is installed on a NT machine.

How can I monitor the Sybase DB from a Linux machine (I use Big
Brother). Every Shell-Script I saw needed the isql binary, the
Perl-DBI-module needs some Sybase libraries. I have nothing of these.

Can I download this software for free or is there another way monitoring
Sybase? I only need to know if a given databse is up and is not full.

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