US-CO Data Warehouse/Redbrick Advisory Architect

US-CO Data Warehouse/Redbrick Advisory Architect

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Job Title: Data Warehouse/Redbrick Advisory Architect
AD&A Position #: DW03502W
Location: CO
Compensation: $65-72K
Education Requirements:
Years Experience: 5+

Required Experience: Experience with Oracle, Sybase or Teradata
required. Must have experience with SQL.

Preferred Experience: Experience with data warehousing,
Windows 95, Windows NT, Redbrick or C/C++ are plusses.

Comments: Company develops Intel-based client/server database
marketing software which allows marketers to access and analyze
market data quickly and efficiently. Will report directly to the Vice
President of Engineering. Will assist in architecting and developing
company's products, fix bugs within products and develop new
products related to data warehousing. Small company whose recent
merger is expected to bring new business and growth. Outstanding
opportunity to work with software development organization in
state-of-the-art technology. Local candidates preferred.


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