ORACLE 8 for SCO ???

ORACLE 8 for SCO ???

Post by Alexey M. Reshet » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Can anybody explain what Oracle proposes for ORACLE 8 for
SCO platform? I heard Oracle not planning ORACLE 8 for SCO.
Alexey M. Reshetov


1. Problem Install Oracle 8i in Sco UnixWare

I am attemping to install Oracle 8i in a Sco UnixWare machine. I read
and followed all the instruction in the installation guide. I selected
the custom mode, and selected all the products except Oracle Advance

When the OUI detected protocols (Processing Net8 Client, it
return an error message: "An error occured while trying to determine
protocols" and displayed 2 protocol for me:
TCP/IP (native protocol not detected)
IPX/SPX (native protocol not detected)
despite that I had set up TCP/IP successfully (ping and ftp were tested)
I anyway selected the TCP/IP protocol.

When the installation copied file to hard disk, it never exceeded the
Net8 Client The CPU worked, the hard disk and CD seemed be
read, but no more file was copied. Although I had tried many times, even
left the machine run over a night, it was the same. In the terminal
windows, it always stoped at the command line:

Can anyone help me? I have to finish the installation soon.

Thanks in advance,
Tran Luong.

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