MD-Annapolis Junction-195588--Data Warehousing-ORACLE-Performance Tuning-SQL-PL/

MD-Annapolis Junction-195588--Data Warehousing-ORACLE-Performance Tuning-SQL-PL/

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Junior Oracle DBA
Majid S. Khan

1401 Lincoln Woods Drive
Baltimore, Maryland, 21228
Phone 410-869-9429
Fax 410-869-9239
Home Phone 410-869-9229
Answer Machine 1877-205-6130
Extension # 3517
                                I am a Junior Oracle DBA.
        SQL PL/SQL

             Create and maintain database objects
             Storing, retrieving and manipulating of data in the Oracle Database
             Writing Basic SQL Statements
             Restricting and Sorting Data
             Creating Views
             Creating other Database Objects
             Controlling User Access
             Writing Sub queries
             Declaring Variables
             Writing executable Statements
             Interacting with the Oracle Server
             Writing Control Structures


             Create and start up a database, add users, manager data, expand the size of the                 database and implement basic security and data integrity measures.
             Manage logical and physical storage structures and manage access to data by             granting privileges to individual users.
             Understand the Oracle Server architecture and its components, functions and             processes.
             Startup and Shut down a database
             Create a database and construct the data dictionary
             Alter the database mode and restrict login
             Understand SQL statement processing and shared SQL area
             Manage transaction concurrency and consistency
             Enroll, monitor and drop database users
             Grant database privileges
             Manage System Resources
             Create default and specific user profiles
             Ensure Data Integrity
             Maintain Data integrity constraints


             Devise proactive plans to ensure the health of the databases
             Plan backup and recovery strategies including, but not limited, to automating           backup procedures
             Schedule tests to restore from previous backups and simulating various failures                 and tried to restore the databases.


             Diagnose Database Problems
             Run the UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT utilities
             Ensure that file are distributed to minimize I/O contention
             Diagnose inappropriate use of the SYSTEM and TEMP tablespaces
             Tune the Shared Pool
             Measure the shared pool hit ratio
             Tune the Buffer Cache
             Determine the buffer cache hit ratio
             Use Oracle Blocks Efficiently to ensure maximum performance and reduce          fragmentation
             Determine an appropriate block size
             Optimize space usage within blocks

                Diploma, Owings Mills High School, 1999
                Certified(High School), kulsoom High School, Pakistan, 1996

                      1996-1999 Assistance Manager, Crown Gasstation
                I have been working on the Gasstation for last 3 years. Ive started as Cashier three years ago and because of  my hard working, honesty and being such a responsible employee, careful and polite. And Now, I got promotted as a Assistance Manager.

        June-08-1999 Assistance of Database Administrator, Hitech computer
                This is the place where ive learned the Oracle and now because of my good computer skills and being a good DBA. Now i work for them.

                         1996-1997 Personal Assistance, ESOL Depatment, (OMSH)                  
                Prepared Documents, Voluntree Work in School Libaray(Edited Records of  Students).
.                       SQL, PL/SQL
                        Oracle 7/8 Datebase Administration
                        Relationally database Managment system(RDBMS)
                        Managing Oracle on NT or UNIX
                        Oracle SQL*Net/Net8
                        Oracle trouble Shooting
                        Oracle Backup and Recovery
                        Oracle Performance Tunning
                        HTML, JAVA, PlugIn Flush 4
                        Micosoft Front Page, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point,
                        Microsoft Photo Shop Editor, Microsoft DOS
                        Word Perfect, Print Shop Deluxe, IPPlus,
                        Ulead Cool 3D, GIF Ainmator & Web Razor
                        Make Web pages & Designing  and Build computers
                        Win95, win98, Win NT  and   A+

                        Urdu, English, Hindi, Gujratee, Punjabee, Sindhi and Arabic.

                        Best Student of the School, Kulsoom High School, Pakistan, 1995
                        Student of the Year, Kulsoom High School, Pakistan, 1996
                        Certificated honor roll every semester.


1. MD-Annapolis Junction-240349--Data Warehousing-ORACLE-SQL-PL/SQL-Data Modeling-Data Warehouse Analysts

******** VISIT US AT ***********
Company    : CareerMagic
Website    :
Job Title  : Data Warehouse Analysts
Location   : Annapolis Junction, MD
Job Type   : Full-Time Salaried

Must have 1-3 yrs proven experience designing and implementing enterprise data
warehouses and subject area/departmental data marts. Knowledge of current
approaches, technologies, tools and hardware/netwokr capabilities of
large-scale data warehouse environmnets. Skills/Tools: Oracle & Oracle tools,
performance tuning, SQL, PL/SQL, ability to create data models. Strong
analytical skills and ability to work effectively in team environment with
aggressive delivery timetables.

Travel Required          :None
Educational Requirements :None
Required Skills
* Data Warehousing
* Data Modeling
To apply to this position connect to and confidentially
submit your resume and profile.
Contact Information:
Reference : _S9M0QMZMP-Analyst

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