nice and fast solution for ASP <-> oracle??

nice and fast solution for ASP <-> oracle??

Post by kont.. » Sat, 20 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi All.

Does somebody knows about a nice and fast solution for database
publishing of an ORACLE database and MS ASP?

It should be easy to use like ODBC, faster than the ODBC solution and
stable under heavy load ( more than 20 user at the same time).

Thanx in advance.

Joachim Mueller

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Joachim Mueller


nice and fast solution for ASP <-> oracle??

Post by Stephen Co » Tue, 23 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Microsoft have a technet Article on this
This is for RDO, and ASP uses ADO, but it is close enough to get the general

Stephen Cox
Glazier Systems Limited


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I haven't used RDO2 yet so I can't truly answer this question.  What I
have done is access Oracle 7.3 directly from VB5 using the 32 bit ODBC
driver  interfacing with SQLNet 2.  Normally I use the SQLPassthrough
attribute, so all SQLPlus processing can happen serverside.  I have a
feeling this may be what you're looking for since the SQLPassthrough
should have no problem executing a stored procedure.  If I get a
chance, I'm going to try playing with some of my stored procedures
executed from VB5.

As for returning a result set, in past applications I have written (in
other languages), to get around SQLscript parsing bugs, I've used the
quick and dirty:  Stored procedure doing insert into whatever table,
pull records back, delete records from table. If you're SURE only one
person is doing this at a time, you can  truncate instead of delete,
aiding performance and fragmentation.

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