Post by Torben M?ller Rii » Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hello world

Is it possible to use two TNSNAMES.ORA-files at the same time, One local and
one on
the networks ????????

Torben M?ller Riis
CSC Computer Mangement.


1. sample file of tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,sqlnet.ora please

I can't start the oracle intelligent agent to use the OEM.
I think something must be wrong in my .ora files.

If someone can use OEM,
can you post some sample files
of tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,sqlnet.ora,snmp_rw.ora,services.ora
for me to reference ?

I use oracle 8.0.6 oem 1.6 on NT.



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