Forms 4.5: getting available printers

Forms 4.5: getting available printers

Post by Steven C. Kondo » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I'm working on a form where I need to call a reports 2.5 program and pass
parameters from Forms 4.5.  I want to run the report in asynchronous batch
mode.  This will be run on a Windows95 pc.

I need to be able to pick an available printer to pass to the report via
the DESNAME parameter.  The application requires much repetitive printing
requests to many different printers and I don't want to slow the user down
by popping up the runtime parameter form each time the report is chosen.

Since batch mode doesn't pop up any window allowing me to choose the
printer, how do I get the list of of available printers defined on the pc
I'm running the report on so I can pass this info?


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