PeopleSoft/Oracle app 11i/DBA avail......

PeopleSoft/Oracle app 11i/DBA avail......

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Richard B. Headrick

725 Roscommon DR.
Cellular phone:            (707) 330-9054

Vacaville, CA. 95688
Home phone:              (530) 474-1564


Senior Oracle DBA / Developer
(PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials 11i)

Advanced experience in RDBMS and system maintenance, administration
performance tuning and application development. Deep understanding of UNIX
internals and database servers. In-depth knowledge of coding standards,
implementation strategies and management procedures. Extensive experience in
creating and maintaining logical and physical data models and database
design. Advanced knowledge of web and e-commerce technologies.

Summary of Qualifications

-       Twelve years experience in enterprise class hardware from Sun
Microsystems, IBM, Silicon Graphics and HP hardware.

-       Disk Array configuration experience with EMC, NetApps filers, and
other vendors.

-       In-depth knowledge of Sun Solaris 2.3-8 and Windows NT 3.5-2000
operation systems

-       Advanced experience in system configuration and disk storage
management (VERITAS Database Edition for Oracle, Volume Manager and File
System, Sun StorEdge RAID Manager and Solstice DiskSuite)

-       Excellent knowledge of backup and restore technologies on a system
and database level (Veritas NetBackup with Oracle extensions, Legato, and
Oracle Recovery Manager)

-       Deep understanding of SQR

-       Tuxedo installation and administration

-       PeopleSoft COBOL modification.

-       In-depth knowledge and more than eight years experience in Oracle
7.x/8.0.x Server, Oracle8i Server in both production and development

-       Solid application development experience using Oracle Forms versions
3.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6i , Oracle reports 1.0, 1.2, 5, 6i, Oracle CASE,
Designer 2000 and Designer 9i.

-       Extensive hands-on expertise in performance tuning of Oracle
instances and databases on large-scale UNIX systems including tuning of
internal services, kernel building and tuning.

-       Solid experience in working with data modeling and design tools (CA
ERwin, Embarcadero ER/Studio, and Oracle designer)

-       Comprehensive experience in Web Application servers (Apache and ATG

-       Competent in Oracle high availability techniques such as Oracle
standby db, Data Guard, OPS (Oracle Parallel Server), and Advanced

-       PeopleSoft certified DBA.

-       In-depth knowledge of Veritas Cluster Server and Oracle Enterprise
agent experience.

-       Extensive PeopleSoft conversion, upgrade, patch and panel
modification experience.

-       Solid background with Oracle Applications 11i (AP, AR, GL)
integration and administration.

Apollo Tech., Sacramento, CA.  Graduation 1987 G.P.A. 4.0

Sierra College, Rocklin, CA.  Continuous C.S. courses

Hewlett Packard, Roseville, CA.  Unix admin. 1990

PeopleSoft, Pleasanton, CA.  PeopleSoft DBA, 2000

Certified Oracle DBA 2000

Professional Experience

9/01-Present:  AskJeeves, Emeryville, CA.
Senior Database Administrator, Sept. 2001 to present

Administer and provide 24x7 database support of the and
websites, email and web interaction databases, reporting and
development/staging databases. Participate in the integration of the Ask
Jeeves and eTour members databases, modify of the schemas of data,
procedures and packages to accommodate the requirements of integration.
Provide assistance to users and developers and perform actions regarding
best practices, disaster recovery and data integrity to ensure maximum
up-time and visitor satisfaction across all web properties. Perform
installations, upgrades and performance tuning of the server operating
systems, RDBMS software and databases.  Performed Oracle Applications 11i
integration with billing engine.  Administer and maintain Oracle
Applications 11i in production environment.

5/02-8/01:  Sr. Oracle D.B.A.

Involved with customization on PeopleTools 7.52.  The product was customized
to accept data from a flat file legacy system & populate PeopleSoft Tables
according to the rules defined by the user for Vendors, Journals, and
Assets.  Made changes to a COBOL program to alter the rule sets.  Developed
medium complexity SQR programs & Date Logics for the PeopleSoft Purchase
Modules. Also handled PeopleSoft Application Upgrader & Data Mover Tool /

Was also responsible for 24x7 database support of the OLTP databases for
Wagerworks online gaming systems.  Performed modifications to relational and
object oriented schema objects.  Also responsible for developing the
"Customer Service Management" application using Oracle Forms 6i, and Reports
6i, and Designer 2000.  Tune databases in both production and
development/test environments.  Designed and maintained security concepts
relating to database access (very stringent per MGM requirements).  Physical
and logical layout of the primary database objects, including RAID array's
on NetApps filers (NFS mounted arrays).  Designed and implemented hot
backups using a combination of incremental, differential and full backups
using Veritas with Block Level Incrementals.  Troubleshot and resolved many
issues with sql query performance on Oracle Object relational tables.

04/99-4/01: Sr. Oracle D.B.A. Organic Online, San Francisco, CA.
Was responsible for installation and administration of PeopleSoft on Oracle
8i on Solaris platform. Duties include hardware systems design of Sun
Microsystems cluster consisting of 4 Sun E4500's 4CPU w/4GB ram, and multi
terabyte disk array. Two systems setup for for db server using Veritas
VCS(high availability package), and a SAN(Storage Area Network) using
Gadzooks' Capellix switches. Developed the backup and restore methodology
using Veritas Net Backup for Oracle Advanced BLI agent. Performed initial
schema rollout on all dev/test/prod boxes, and was in charge of production
PeopleSoft HR and Finance databases.  I Developed methods for up/down stream
systems interfacing for PeopleSoft modules.  I was also involved in
PeopleSoft chart of accounts overhaul, panel modifications and in charge of
overall PeopleSoft administration.  I Developed PL/SQL procedures and
scripts for monitoring and performance tuning of the PeopleSoft/Oracle

Was responsible for roll out of numerous e-commerce web sites using Oracle
8.0.5 and 8.i and back end database. This position required extensive
modeling using various tools such as ErWin ERX, Oracle Designer 2000,
etc...Also responsible for the following: Volumetric projections,
documentation, customer consulting, support for all application developers,
defining interface specifications.  In addition to the above duties. All
databases are rolled out at Organic with some base monitoring scripts, and
reporting functionality to watch sizing, usage, and efficiency.

3/99-4/99:  Sr. Oracle D.B.A./Developer Broderbund Software, Novato, CA.

Was responsible for upgrade and conversion of inventory application from
Oracle forms 3.0 to Oracle forms 6.0 using MIGrator tool from LOGIS.  Also
modified reports using Oracle reports 1.2 after user requirements analysis.
Responsible for performance tuning batch jobs, reconfiguring init.ora
parameter for large batch jobs, recreating temp databases for production
environment, configure Legato backup server, configure OEM, build monitoring
jobs/scripts, resolve issues with application end users, manage support
issues with converging data from TLC Inc., Mattell, and Broderbund, and
overall Oracle database administration.

11/98-3/99:  Sr. Oracle D.B.A./Developer  Cohesive Systems Inc., Roseville,

Involved in the Implementation of PeopleSoft General Ledger7.0. Worked on
setting up of account types, creating detail calendars, summary calendars,
defining chart field values and time spans. Involved in setting up of chart
field combinations, defining combination edit rules,
setting up of valid chart field combination values. Prepared journal
processing by ledger templates, ledger groups and calendars to a business
unit. Customized journal posting approval process utilizing virtual
approver and advanced route controls. Customized combination data editing
and implemented key field security using security views. Customized online
processing flow on various panels using Peoplecode. Worked on journal
processing flow to accept journal entry input transactions and posted them
to ledger for analysis and audit trail purposes.  Worked on Journal
generator for accounting entries from feeder system. Responsible for
defining various steps to process allocations, processing simple and
multi-step allocations, tracking the allocation source and generating
allocations between business units. Also responsible for defining
consolidation rules, elimination sets, minority interest relationships,
generate and post elimination and minority interest adjustments, processing
consolidations, equitizing subsidiary activities. Created interfaces for
loading of Journal Entries from Legacy Application into the PeopleSoft
Financial systems. Involved in generating Reports using SQR and CRYSTAL

6/97-11/97: Sr. Oracle D.B.A. MCI/Ssystemhouse, Napa, CA.

Responsibilities include management of 49 of MCI/Systemhouse's client
databases, all of which are Oracle. Use and configuration of maintenance
scripts, BMC Patrol, and various other db maintenance tools. Most databases
here are Oracle 7.3.3, and are configured for hot backups, and use ADSM/Silo
backup methods. Also built Oracle Web server for main point of entry to
monitor db health via dba_* views which in turn are linked to the various
customer databases. All databases are 24x7x52, requiring dba's be avail at
all times. In addition to normal Oracle related duties, I'm also assisting
other groups with SAP Basis administration for one of our clients. Many
other duties here, and will give more details as necessary

3/97-6/97: Sr. Oracle D.B.A. Pacific Bell, Vacaville, CA.

Primary d.b.a. responsible for replicated, fualt tollerant Oracle databases
used by PacBell for customer provisioning throughout California.. This
application is "backended" by Oracle 7.1.6 with PL/SQL, replication,
distributed, and procedural options. Current production model has over 45Mb
of PL/SQL alone, 8 million lines of custom code, 200 developers, and all
possibilities of complementary staff. The instance is set up in conjunction
with HP's Service Guard package for high availability/failover. All db files
are on "raw" partitions, and conform to strict OFA compliance. Performance
is at the top of priority, and I'll give more detail if required. I'm also
2nd in charge of security administration, next to the System Admin.
personnel. All instances are backed up "hot", and are fully mirrored with
triple mirroring, and a complete standby system as well. Will give more
detail as necessary.    Also performed maintenance on Oracle Financials (AR)
for custom billing interface.

 3/96-3/97: SR. ORACLE D.B.A. Macromedia, SF CA.

Was responsible for all Oracle databases at this site. There are three
instances for our commerce server project, and one instance for our sales
force project. The commerce server project consists of 3 Sun Sparc 1000s
with Solaris 2.5, and Oracle 7.3. One of the commerce servers has Netscape
Commerce Server 1.12 on it. It, in conjunction with various secure
transmission tools provide a way in which the public can securely purchase
Macromedia products through the worldwide web. The my role in this project
is/was to install Oracle 7.3.4 on the server, make the appropriate tables,
secure the server, "bullet proof Oracle", define database operations to
include: backups, user admin., schema admin., role definitions, storage
planning, performance monitoring/maint.   Designed OLAP reports using
Business Objects and Oracle Reports.  Also inherited legacy systems based on
Oracle Forms 3.0 and 4.5.  Was responsible for code clean up, source code
control, and adding new functionality and requirements review to legacy
Forms applications.  All duties included documentation of changes and new

11/95-3/96: ORACLE D.B.A. MCI Sacramento, CA

Was responsible for many parts of MCI's state government and universities
organization. Sun Enterprise servers are used here for many projects to
include the following. Was responsible for admin. of a large (230 GB) Oracle
7.2 database with connections state wide with the BAR project. Bar project
is now handling all smog certifications in CA., rolled up in custom Oracle
application. Nightly transactions with the DMV, BofA, and BAR. We are
currently maintaining a mirror image of the DMV's VID(vehicle id db) for
matching online smog certifications with vehicle VIN numbers. Many security
issues here. All projects are 24x7 operations.   Administered Oracle
Financials 10.x in a production environment for other clients.

9/95-11/95: ORACLE D.B.A./Sys. Admin. Scopus Tech. Inc. Emeryville, CA.

Was responsible for all corporate UNIX systems, and databases. Scopus Inc.
is a developer of client server solutions for Senior/Corporate level staff
members. My duties involved maintaining internal UNIX servers, CASE
repository of over 500,000 lines of code. Many nfs mounting issues here,
many wan issues, lots of CASE and Oracle maint.

 6/94-9/95: ORACLE D.B.A. TCSI, Berkeley, CA.

Was responsible for installing Oracle 7.1 on various HP servers, allocating
system storage and planning storage requirements, creating primary database
storage structures, creating primary objects, modifying them as necessary,
adding users, ensuring licenses are administered, controlling database
access, optimizing the performance of the database. In addition to above,
planning and design of the backup scheme, and contacting Oracle Corp. for
bug issues.

4/95-5/95: SYBASE D.B.A. US Sprint Long Dist. Rancho Cordova, CA.

Was responsible for Sybase billing systems. Duties included application
batch monitoring, performance tuning, query optimization, table & other
object creation/recreation, and modification, backups, etc. Worked closely
with development teams for application migration issues, business rules,
capacity planning & related. Wrote many embedded SQL routines for job
monitoring & assisting in isolating contention issues.

8/94-4/95: ORACLE D.B.A/Sys. Admin. Allied Telesyn, MT. View, CA.

Was responsible for corporate IS data center. Duties included UNIX systems
admin., Oracle database admin. This position required much planning, and
integration with Aurum Corp. personnel to implement Sales Trak application.
Worked with ERD tools for definition of database objects, setup user
accounts, setup user roles, schemas, designed Oracle backup routines. Many
overseas operations here also.

3/93-7/94: Engineer, Falcon Systems, Sacramento, CA.

Was responsible for assisting customers who purchase Falcon products, who
plan to use Oracle with them. Lots of lab work involved in problem
re-creation/resolution. Also directing customers in the proper
implementation methods of Oracle on Falcon products, with emphasis on
performance and security. Most situations involved teaching DBAs & Sys.
Admins the use of RAID technology in conjunction with current Oracle

1/92-2/93: D.B.A., MCI Telecommunications, Sacramento, CA.

Was responsible for database abandoned by previous contractors. This project
involved MCI's 900 number billing system which was scheduled to shut its
Sacramento facility down, pending completion of billing cycles. SQL
programming involved for bottom line financials, reconciliation, and retro
processing. I was tasked with the reverse engineering of the abandoned
contractors application, and continuing their work as best as possible.
Project did get completed, and MCI's 900 number division shut its Sacramento
facility as expected.

1/90-1/92: Hardware Engineer/Systems Engineer, Hewlett Packard Co.,
Roseville, CA.

Was responsible for systems admin., and database admin. My systems
HP9000,8xx were all set up for real time data acquisition, and failure
diagnosis for repair facility. Many systems admin. routines involved here.
Many database activities as well. Designed prolog database admin. tool,
backup code, real-time data acquisition structures, and overall system
design and implementation.


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more of the following areas: PeopleSoft installations with Oracle DB, Oracle
applications DBA, Oracle development tools; Designer/2000, Developer/2000,
PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Net, SQL*Loader. Travel will be critical to your success.
Technical Bachelor's degree, and prior consulting experience is preferred.

Travel Required          :70% or less
Educational Requirements :Bachelors Degree
Required Skills
* DBA Skills 3 Years
* ORACLE 3 Years
* PeopleSoft 2 Years
* DBA Skills
Definite Pluses
* DBA Skills
* Ability to Relocate
Our professionals enjoy a generous compensation and benefits program that
includes an aggressive, performance-driven bonus plan. For immediate
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