set page width at runtime

set page width at runtime

Post by Laur » Fri, 31 Aug 2001 01:13:37

Is it possible to set page width at runtime? For example, say I have a
landscape letter (11 x 8 inch) report. In instances when data would
overflow onto a second page, I'd like it instead to switch to
landscape legal (14 x 8). Is this possible?

1. Setting width of DBGrid at runtime

(Delphi 1.02)
I have a DBGrid with 3 fields, say 'name', 'city' and 'zipcode'. What
I would like to do is to set the width of the grid (at runtime) in
such a way that the 3 fields fit exactly into the grid, i.e. there
should be no empty space on the right part of the grid, and there
should be no horizontal scrolling bar either.
How can I get the width of each column displayed ?
The property Fields[..].displaywidth just gives me the number of

Thanks for any help !


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