Question on Oracle7 ODBC Driver

Question on Oracle7 ODBC Driver

Post by Danie » Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi All,

I have a problem on using VB4.0(16 bit) connect Oracle7 through ODBC
The version of ODBC Driver is 1.11.0005

I have designed a field 'A' with varchar2(2000), when this field 'A' has a
value with that length is over 255 Char., e.g. length(A) = 300.
When I open a dbSqlPassThrough recordset such as "Select A from tableA",
I can only capture the first 255 Char. of field 'A', the other is trimmed!

I don't know what's wrong in this case? But I can select the whole thing of
field 'A' when I was using ODBC Driver with version 1.11.0000.

Thanks very much if anyone can answer me!



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In designing a utility to load data into Oracle using Visual Basic as a
front end, problems arose in trying to read into the proper tables.  These
problems can be summarized in the following paragraphs, taken from Oracle7
ODBC Driver (Release January 1995) and Visual Basic 3.0 Documentation:

When you type from any Visual Basic or Microsoft Access application,
select * from SCOTT.EMP, the query terminates with the following error
message, "Couldn't find 'USER.MDB'.  Error #3024".  Microsoft Corporation
is aware of this limitation with the application Visdata of Microsoft
Visual Basic 3.0.

The JET layer is unable to distinguish between two objects of the same
name.  This raises problems with synonyms such as SYSTEM.EMP and
SCOTT.EMP.  Moreover, Oracle7 public synonyms are returned by the ODBC
driver as belonging to "PUBLIC".  Visual Basic does not display the owner
as PUBLIC.  This causes resolution conflicts between a synonym like

Is there a fix or a work around to these problems?  Any solutions or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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