Difference between view and subquery using user-defined types

Difference between view and subquery using user-defined types

Post by Carsten Reinhar » Fri, 10 Sep 1999 04:00:00


we are having trouble querying views using user-defined types (Oracle
8+8i on Solaris). A select on a view works while the same select on the
corresponding subquery results in ORA-00904.

We use the following defintion:

create or replace view ev as    (select e1.o1.obj_method() as obj from
e01 e1);

In this
select e2.obj.obj_method() from ev e2;
works,  while
select e2.obj.obj_method() from (select e1.o1.obj_method() as obj from
e01 e1) e2;
results in the above error message.

Has anyone any experience/solution for this problem ??

All necessary definitions for the example to run are appended below.

Carsten Reinhard,
University of Hannover, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

create type obj_type as object (
        i       number,
        j       number,
        member  function obj_method return obj_type,
        pragma  restrict_references (obj_method, RNDS, WNDS, RNPS, WNPS)

create or replace type body obj_type as
        member function obj_method return obj_type
        is begin
                return NULL;

create table e01 (
        o1      obj_type,
        o2      obj_type);


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