database link problem

database link problem

Post by marin » Sat, 02 Jun 2001 00:10:29

I have created a database link successfully and then made a public synonym.
No problems at all.
However when i use %type to reference a field in the public synonim in forms
it does not compile, the same code compiles without a problem in toad.

using something like this works fine in TOAD not in forms :

       fld_a      tableA.fieldA%type;

forms tells me that tableA.fieldA must be declared, TOAD compiles ! i am
at a loss
any help would be appreciated


1. Database link problem

but not the same as Pierre HIRTH's last post.
First excuse me for my bad English language
Always two data bases :
The first one on Oracle 8.0.5 SID = ORCL and hosted by
The second one on Oracle 8.1.7 service name = trieves hosted by

SQL> create database link orcl connect to user1 identified by pass1
  2  using 'orcl';

Lien de base de donnes cr. (Database link created)

ERREUR la ligne 1 : (Error at line 1 :)
ORA-02085: lien de base de donnes ORCL.US.ORACLE.COM se connecte
           (database link ORCL.US.ORACLE.COM is connecting to

Whereas in the same SQLplus windows

Connect. (connected)
SQL> select * from departement where num_dpt=4;

---------- ----------------------------------------
         4 Hautes Alpes

Same problem, if the database link is created public
The DB_DOMAIN parameter is set to my_domain.
world is the value of NAME.DEFAULT_ZONE in sqlnet.ora file

Could someone tell me why the database link tries a connection to
US.ORACLE.COM when this string is not in the Oracle parameters and it is
possible to connect to orcl ? (Obviously Tnsnames.ora seems right)

Thanks in advance.

R. Burnet.

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