Oracle Developer REP-1800 error

Oracle Developer REP-1800 error

Post by A. Rabi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am trying to generate a PDF file from a report, and I am getting a
REP-1800 error.  Interestingly, I am able to generate PDF files from
"simpler" reports than the one giving me the error.  Could it possible be
due to some memory limitation or an environment variable being set
incorrectly?  I am running Oracle Developer 6.0 on NT with 128MB RAM.

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I am running an Oracle Report from a commandline with rwrun60c against
a 8.0.6 Oracle DB and directing the output to a file.  Everytime I try
to do this, I get an REP-1800 error.  I have seen numerous posts on
usergroups and even Metalink about making sure to set a PRINTER env
variable which I have done with a valid printer that I am able to
print to with no change in error.  I can also duplicate this error
with other reports so it is not linked to just this one.  For testing
purposes, I have registered the report under Oracle Applications and
have let the Concurrent Manager run the report which was successful.
I can also run the report successfully from the Reports Designer
connecting as the same user as I am attempting to on the command line
run.  The problem seems to lie when I run it from the command line,
which is a requirement of this project.  Anyone have any ideas
concerning environment or anything in general that I am missing?


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