distributing tnsnames.ora file to clients/servers

distributing tnsnames.ora file to clients/servers

Post by Christopher M. Da » Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:00:00


Sounds like you need to set multiple Oracle Names servers with default
timeouts to avoid spinning.


> Does anyone have a good way to distribute tnsnames.ora files to all
> clients on the network as well as the unix servers? I wanted to have a
> central place that would hold the master copy of our tnsnames file. As
> I update it, I want to have both a daily job to push it out to other
> unix servers and I want to push it out to NT clients on the network.

> I've thought of having a common network drive mapped and have all
> clients point to it, but the single point of failure trashed that
> idea. The other was to have it copied over each time the client logs
> in.

> By the way, we use Oracle Names now and we've had a few instances of
> it "spinning" and not handling requests and keeping clients from
> accessing the databases. I want to have a backup available.

> Does anyone have a better idea???

> Thanks,
> Steve


1. sample file of tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,sqlnet.ora please

I can't start the oracle intelligent agent to use the OEM.
I think something must be wrong in my .ora files.

If someone can use OEM,
can you post some sample files
of tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,sqlnet.ora,snmp_rw.ora,services.ora
for me to reference ?

I use oracle 8.0.6 oem 1.6 on NT.



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