Extreem memory requirements for SQL*FORMS 4.5 character mode

Extreem memory requirements for SQL*FORMS 4.5 character mode

Post by Guy Harriso » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00


Has anyone had experience with excessive memory requirements with SQL*FORMS
4.5 in character mode?

We've got a SQL*FORMS 4.5 application running in character mode under HP-Ux
10.20,  Oracle 7.3.3.   Every time a CALL_FORM is issued,  the virtual
memory requirement increases by 8-10MB.  When the form is exited,  this
memory is not reclaimed.   Eventually,  each user is consuming up to 70MB of
virtual memory!

Any experiences?

Guy Harrison


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I am using SQL*Forms 4.5 (on a PC system) to call a sub-form that
contains up to
60 small 'images'.  I can succussfully call this form 7 times...no
more!  The problem
is probably due to my system running out of memory.  Does anyone know
of any 'tweaks'
I can perform on any of the ORACLE *.ora files?  If there are any, can
you forward
me the exact code.

Many Thanks in Advance.

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