Change NLS_LANG Character Set (NT Oracle)

Change NLS_LANG Character Set (NT Oracle)

Post by Alle » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Is Anyone can Help ?

I have changed NT Oracle NLS_LANGUAGE Character Set  in "PROPS$",
and execute all the Sql Scripts in rdbms80\admin, (CATPROC.sql).

Everything seems to be OK, but when I executed a Query function in a Sql
              select get_desc(Table1.Field_name) from Table1;
I got the following error message:

   ORA-06553: PLS-561: character set mismatch on value for parameter
   (I can not find any message in Oracle error message listing)

but if I changed the Sql Statement:
get_desc(CONVERT(Table1.Field_name,'we8iso8859p1','we8iso8859p1')) from
I got the correct Result, just as  I changed Character Set before.

Does anyone meet the same problem (change NLS character set) like what I
have done!

Need your Help, Thanks a lots!

Best Regard,