Senior Oracle Developer looking for Part-time work

Senior Oracle Developer looking for Part-time work

Post by Chri » Sat, 02 Feb 2002 23:59:45


I'm a Senior Oracle Developer/DBA with 8 years Oracle experience
currently looking for extra part-time development work; my skillset
includes strong PL/SQL and both back-end Unix scripting and web-based
development. I live in Atlanta but can work remotely depending on the
circumstances of the job. Resume is of course available upon request.
Please contact my with any potential opportunities or leads for
part-time Oracle work.

Chris Carroll


1. Looking for part time work in Oracle Dev 2000 (Forms/ Reports), PL/SQL

You are looking at a message initiated by an individual who has the
- Over 6 years of computing experience.
- BS and MS in Engineerring
- Experience in
   - Oracle Forms 4.5
   - Oracle Reports 2.5
   - PL/SQL
   - DBA activities (Oracle server running on HP-UX), Personal Oracle7
   - Designer 2000 (Reverse Engineering, Functional and Data Modelling)
   - Location - Houston, TX
   - Job status - Holding a permanent job
   - Visa status - Permant Resident / Green Card
   - Interested in getting part time projects.

Please use the "Subject" area to summarize your intentions.


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