Dumb question about SQL

Dumb question about SQL

Post by U » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Lets say I have the following tables

CUSTOMER_ADDRESS (has Address_Ln_No, City, State, Zip etc.)
CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_LN (has Address_Ln_No, Address_Ln_Text)

Essentially if the customers address was

Bill Clinton
PO. Box 69   <--- This would take one row in ADDRESS_LN table)
Cigar Road    <------- This would take yet another row in ADDRESS_LN table)
New York, NY 10096

I believe whoever created it this way wanted flexibility to add an address
that had several lines.


I need to create a Invoice for Mr. Clinton. How can I create a SQL query
that will take all the address_ln rows using SELECT statement.

Sorry in advance for such a dump question.



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I am really a beginner of sql server with a real dumb question.

If we have a computer with a sql server running on it,  then if I want to
access sql server from another computer, what should be installed in the
client computer? The Client version of sql server? Can I access that sql
server via dial-in service of NT?

After setting up the user login account, is the user supposed to login
from anywhere in network?

When you programe with sql server, how do you get access to sql server?

Thank you very much!


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