Use a label

Use a label

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        compute sum label 'Totals for the Month' of orders on ckkttyp


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> Conversation:      This Is Most Urgrent. Problem in Sql *Plus about
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> Subject:   This Is Most Urgrent. Problem in Sql *Plus about
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> Hi,
>       I used the following statement in the sql *plus code

>       break on ckttype skip 2 on report
>       compute sum of orders on ckttyp
>       compute sum of circuits on ckttyp

>     It is doing the expected work.It is correct.No problem about that.

>   My actual Problem is
>                       it is printing final statement  like this
>         sum                                      31    240
> I want like this
>     Totals For the Month               31     240

> Please let me know the way to solve this small and important Problem

> Thanx
> Srinivas


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