Q: query size limit in report builder 2.5?

Q: query size limit in report builder 2.5?

Post by aü′? Thenardi » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

i have the answer now.  yes, i find there is a size limit for
a selete statement.  ora's manual says the limit is 64k.  but the
number of characters in the query is 3k or sth.  ...  finally,
the illegal operation message doesn't appear again after i've packed
the spaces (no more indent), shortened the alias, etc.

pls remove pk. in reply, thanx.
|^?D??Dapk. K ?, ??.


1. Oracle Report builder 2.5 vs 6.0


I would like to know whether using Report builder 2.5 exe file run on the
report builder 6.0 compiled .rep file.

I find that it can work if the report program haven't program unit.
If the report program have program units, it doesn't work.
Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem?
or tell me where can i get the version 2.0 if the above problem cannot fix?
It is because my company is using the version 2.0.

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