db Reports 2.1a2 now available

db Reports 2.1a2 now available

Post by Aaron Bratche » Tue, 29 Aug 2000 04:00:00


- Fully recursive expression evaluator.
  Now you can do math, string and logical functions
  (math and logical order of operation not complete yet)
- Redesigned the New Report dialogs to be a single dialog
- Better responsiveness
- Scroll bars in editor window
- Properly closes data source when window is closed.
- Fixed bug with calculation fields in body, now resets on inner group break
- Manual updated for New Report dialog.

db Reports is available at http://abDataTools.com

Full Description:  General purpose report writing application for the
Macintosh that supports the following data sources: 4DServer 6.5, ODBC,
OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, REAL Database, and Valentina.The program has
an automatic report generator. By default, report templates are saved as XML
files, but they can be encoded and optionally password protected. Protected
files can be previewed and printed, but not edited.


1. HELP!: DB/2 Query Manager (DB/2 v1.0) not available under DB/2 v2.1

As part of an upgrade of OS/2 v2.11 to OS/2 Warp v4, I have upgraded my DB/2
v1.0 installation to DB/2 v2.1.

I used to use Query Manager under DB/2 v1.0, to view forms, produce SQL
reports and enter data. There is no Query Manager in DB/2 v2.1. IBM
can't/won't tell me why this is the case. They seem to have removed it!

There is a copy of Lotus Approach v3.0 supplied with DB/2 v2.1. This will
run under WIN-OS2, and I can connect to my DB/2 v2.1 database through ODBC.
This all works fine, but the forms, panels and reports I previously had
under Query Manager for DB/2 v1.0 are not visible. They exist in the
database, but I can't display them.

I assume I'm supposed to re-enter all my forms and reports into Lotus
Approach manually, and access the DB/2 database through them using ODBC.

Has anyone else performed a similar upgrade? Does anyone have *any* advice?
Why is there no information on this? Am I the only person performing such an
upgrade? Help!

I'd really appreciate some advice on this, as IBM seem to have left us
without a crucial part of DB/2!!


(Opinions expressed are my own, and not necessarily those of Logica UK

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