FRM-40735 and FRM-40815

FRM-40735 and FRM-40815

Post by Henk Roo » Thu, 17 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Check all your libraries (including the ones prior supplied by Oracle) and
menus. They all should be generated again with the 32-bit version of Forms
If this does not solve your problem just run the Form in Debug-mode and
determine where it goes wrong.
Henk Rook
ENNIA Caribe NV, Cura?ao

Quote:> Hi!!  We've been using Developer and Designer 1.2 (16 bit) for more than
> year. At this time, we're trying to migrate our applications generated
> from Designer/2000 to the new versions of Developer (1.3.2, for Windows
> 95).

> There are several forms giving us this problem:  We can open them in the
> Oracle Forms Designer (32 bit), and generate without any problem.  But
> when we run these applications, we get FRM-40735:

> WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger raised unhandled exception PROGRAM_ERROR.

> And

> FRM-40815: Variable GLOBAL.CG$QUERY_MODE does not exist.

> We don't know what could it be, since these applications were generated
> from Designer 1.2 and been used without problems of any type.  As far as
> know, the Designer/2000 itself adds this global variable to the generated
> forms.


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Hi !
We develop with forms under NT 4.0 SP3.
my problem is:
i use iconic-buttons in my application. Also i use the hint-library to get
It works very good, I never had any problems.
But now, I made an installation on a PII-400 with 128 MB and after a short
while i get the FRM-40735 error.
I changed the value of the timer in the hint.pll from 500 (default) to 1000,
and my application is working a little bit longer (about 20 min) , and after
that the error appears again !!
Who can give me help and a 'hint' what to do ?


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