Ref cursor and Active Server Page - does it work?

Ref cursor and Active Server Page - does it work?

Post by Bill Win » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone been able to get an Active Server Page to work with a
Oracle ref cursor?  I would like to get a result set from a stored
procedure or function.

Thanks for your help.



1. Java Server Pages/Servelets vs Active Server Pages

As a learning project, I'm planning a simple database-enabled website (a
file archive with keyword searches).

I looked today at the page for Microsoft's Site Server.  I'm a long-time
hater of Microsoft, but I must admit their product description makes it
sound very easy to do everything I'd need to do.  Would someone care to
contrast it to using Java Servelets/Pages/Beans/EJB?

Thanks for any advice!


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