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> Howdy Tipsters.

>         I was wondering if anyone here would be able to give me some help. I would
> be eternally grateful is you could. I am working with FORMS 4.0. For some
> inexplicable reason I can find no way of either saving all the results
> returned by a QUERY. I thought it should be possible, if not by a single
> internal command. then by using ECHO through the HOST command to append
> each row intern into a file. However HOST does not seem to have any effect
> at all on UNIX. WHY?????? I also would like to print all these records from
> inside the form is this possible. All FORMS seems to allow is a screen
> dump. The host command should allow you to do a linne print shouldn't it.
>         If you could work out why I am having no success, or possibly give me
> another solution I would be eternally grateful.

Oracle's Report products will do what you want.  They are
diesigned to accept a query, get the results, and output
them in the format you desire - to a printer or file, etc.

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Backup script over a network

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I have file on a Mac that is open, set to be shared by 2 other people.
One of the fields keeps a track of how many times the database has
been closed ("backup count') and what I wanted was that when the
field reaches 20, a copy of the database is saved  on the host and the
"backup count" is reset. Note that ANYONE closing their version of
the database affects the count (what I mean is that clients accessing
the database and closing it will increase the count)

I'm having trouble getting this copy to be saved....the script is working
with regards the backup count, but how can I trigger a save on the host
machine from across the network? Note, I also need to do this cheap...
no money is available for plug-ins :-(

Part of the solution seems to be having the backup copy open all the time
too...but is this enough? It doesn't seem to be working at the moment.
Note also that the 2 people accessing the database do not have full
rights, so does this have any effect at all? I'd appreciate some advice
on how to make sure that anyone can trigger this backup.

I'm wondering if instead of using "Save as", maybe I need to look at
the "Export" command and move all the records into the open backup
file. I tried to do this once, but it kept saying the fields weren't
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