DBA Booklet

DBA Booklet

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You're a new at the DBA role/job and you want to make a good impression ?

I have written a booklet that explains the roles and responsabilities
and expected with the DBA Task. Also included is 25 DBA scripts that you
absolutely need in daily DBA work.

Interested ?   Well this booklet is only 11.95 US$. If you are interested,


1. Free Intro to SQL Booklet

Are you interested in receiving a Free 15 page booklet explaining the
basics of SQL?

Is your company located in the continental USA or Great Britain?

Is your organization just switching over to Oracle?

Or do you have a group of employees that need to get up to speed in SQL

If so, send for our free booklet: "Intro. to Oracle SQL" and you'll be
writing SELECT statements by the end of the day you receive it.

Send your request (with company name and mailing address) to:

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