looking for package(s)/functionality to buy

looking for package(s)/functionality to buy

Post by D. Buecher » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Dear colleagues out there on the Oracle front,

I am a PL/SQL developer at a software company that develops
an application for an insurance company and need assistance
on the following matter:

Our software is running relatively smooth (I mean the usual
amount of bugs), but now our customer requests that we add
a scheme of privileges to the application.
The privileges should be user and group bound, and according to the
privileges granted to the individual user or a group he is a member of
a user should be able to see the content of certain
tables and/or fields.
Since every user has an Oracle account I am thinking about a
logon function/trigger that "nullifies" view columns for tables that the
has no privileges for, but any other solution would be welcome.

What I am looking for is a package or collection of packages
which has the described functionality that we can purchase.

We could most certainly develop those packages ourself, but we are
as usual too short on manpower to be able to produce on time, so we
prefer to buy the code.

Another functionality we are looking for is the incorporation of
mathematical operations, e.g. 5 AND 11 = 1; 3 OR 4 = 7; 3 OR 5 = 5;
SHR(5, 1) = 4; XOR; and so on, into our application.  We would also
prefer to buy (to include the source code) instead of develop ourselves.

If you have any information about where to get this type of
programs or where to look for further information,
your assistance would be whole-heartily appreciated.

BTW: Our platform is currently on NT but we are considering
migration to 8i on NT or Linux.  Frontend is PB6.5.
Any information about pitfalls and drawbacks on this matter are also




looking for package(s)/functionality to buy

Post by D. Buecher » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00



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