Error Cannot Load Resource File sqresus.dll

Error Cannot Load Resource File sqresus.dll

Post by Andy Halla » Fri, 15 Jun 2001 20:52:31

Hello all.


Currenctly my C++ applications communicate with a SQL SERVER2000 DB through

I am now porting our applications to connect to an ORACLE DB.

I have a standalone APP that uses the following connection string through
SQLDriverConnect() :-
    "DRIVER={Oracle ODBC Driver}; UID=System; PWD=Manager; DBQ=EFACS;"
This works fine.

When I compile the connection code into a DLL and run my APP I get the
"Error Cannot Load Resource File sqresus.dll", querying the ODBC errors
collect using SQLGetDiagRec() I get the following :-
    "-160 : Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error  1114
(Oracle ODBC Driver)."

Looking at the OraOLEDB Readme file there is the following with reference to
C++ :-
    Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Notes
    OraOLEDB.h must be included in the relevant .cpp files in the VC++
    project. Also, #define DBINITCONSTANTS needs to be added to one of
    the .cpp files in the project.

I have done this but I still get the same error.

Any help on this would be greatly received.

Andy Hallam


1. Oralce unable to load sqresus.dll

There are several threads to be found relating to this Oracle ODBC
error, "unable to load sqresus.dll", but I have not found them
particularly useful.  Especially on Metalink (Oracle's MSDN), all they
say is "put the file first in your path".

VB 6.0  latest DAO ref lib
ActiveX DLL project
Oracle ODBC Driver
MDAC latest 2.6 release
ORACLE_HOME/bin is most definitely in the path

DSN created and working fine in every other application.  I can use
MSAccess to link to Oracle tables and all is well.  It is only when I
attempt to run the ActiveX app that it fails.  From within the
ActiveX, I have displayed the contents of the path, using "environ"
function, and it is what I expect, with the oracle bin directory
leading the way.

I suspect it may have something to do with threading compatibilities
and am hoping someone much smarter than myself can shed some light.

Could it also be that a called ActiveX DLL does not share the same
path as the system?

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