FRM-99999 and web enabled forms 5.0

FRM-99999 and web enabled forms 5.0

Post by Mark S. Reichm » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

We are using web enabled 5.0 forms.  We have hundreds of users
out in userland viewing the forms through Netscape 4.5 on NT.
Occasionaly, while using a form, the users get:

 FRM-99999 Network error has occured. Client will be unable to

The form becomes unusable and none of the buttons work.  The form
is dead.  When I push details on the alert, I get information about
data stream and java sockets.  So, I am guessing a broken java socket
has occured between the browser and the forms server. I read,
somehwere?, that a possible fix to this, is to catch the FRM-99999
error in an ON-ERROR trigger and issue a logon command to relogin to
the server.  I have attempted to catch a FRM-99999 error but it seems
to be un-catchable.  I dont  think the ON-ERROR trigger fires during
an FRM-99999.  I even tried an ON-MESSAGE trigger, no help.  I have
also put a logon command within a button and tried pushing it when I
get a FRM-99999 network error to force a logon.  This also did not
work.  It seems as though once I get this error, the form is dead and
there is nothing I can do to restart the session within the form.  To
restart a session, Netscape must be killed and restarted.  Ofcourse,
killing netscape causes the non-responsive form to dissappear.  All
work in the form is lost.  My questions, that I hope someone with
experience will answer, are:

1) What exactly may be causing these network errors?  Is it possible
the server has to many/limited socket connections? Can I change a
config file?

2) Will this logon on remedy above actually work after breaking a java
socket?  Am I just approaching this logon imp the wrong way?

3) Anyone else experiencing FRM-99999 Network errors?

4) Is this possibly a Netscape 4.5 JVM problem?  Will using a
different browser help?


1. FRM-99999 error when running web-enabled forms

We are encountering the FRM-99999 error when running
web-enabled forms.  We have 4 NT boxes behind a load
balancer that serve up our web-enabled Forms to client
machines running Netscape 4.5 or IE 5.0.  The servers will
run without error for 2-3 weeks and then suddenly we are
unable to run the web-forms from one of them.  Each server
encounters the same problem after running without reboot for
extended period of time.

After we identify the problem machine, we look in Task
Manager from NT and notice nothing unusual in terms of
memory resources being consumed.  What we do find unusual is
that while in Task Manager, if we look at the Processes that
are running, there will be many F50WEB32.EXE processes that
cannot be killed using  the End Process button.  The only
way weve found they can be killed is by rebooting the

Another unusual thing about these errant processes is that
they are very small in size (about 200K) in comparison to a
normal process running the web-enabled forms (approx.
15,000-35,000K).  This symptom is found consistently on a
box that is producing the FRM-99999 error.  Typical of NT,
rebooting the machine consistently corrects the problem.

We are running the following configuration and have tested
on other machines as well, always with the same result over

Oracle Forms 5.0
Windows NT 4.0
Service Pack (tried 3.0 through 5.0 with no success)
Oracle Database Enterprise Server
Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6
Netscape Administration Server 3.5

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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