Oracle 7/8/8i OCI,JDBC,JSQL,Pro*C work done for fixed price

Oracle 7/8/8i OCI,JDBC,JSQL,Pro*C work done for fixed price

Post by Chris Eastlan » Fri, 21 May 1999 04:00:00

All work done off site, except for initial consultation period.
Time Series, Intermedia, WebDB, Java, CORBA  - all latest Oracle 8/8i products


1. Oracle 8i JDBC dirver OCI error

Hi all,

I tried to connect to Oracle 8.0.5 from its (optimized?) JDBC driver OCI8
but is throwing an exception that can't reach the make_c native function
after the Logon call in the calling stack flow. On the other hand I can
connect with its JDBC "thin" driver successfully.

The configuration is: JDK 1.3.x, Oracle 8.0.5, W2K SP1. As explained
in the Oracle JDBC documentation I included the file "" in the
system CLASSPATH and the Oracle native dll in the system PATH, I also
looked at the native dll dependencies and insert their paths to the system
as well. Included also the <Oracle>\JDBC\lib in the PATH and CLASSPATH
and serveral thousands of other additions as well ;-)

I suspect that since I am executing the java application with JDK 1.3.x and
one of the
native Oracle dll dependencies (that is \jre\bin\javai.dll, which isn't
included in the JDK
1.3.x but only in the older JDK 1.1) is giving some kind of incompatibility.

Have anyone solved this same situation before? Would also like to know if
relevant the performance gains of the OCI8 driver over the 100% pure Java
"thin" driver, I think it should be because somewhere I read it was
the thin drivers only for client Applet-based Java applications DB access,
and since
the OCI driver uses the native C interface that directly connect to the
Server then
should be straightforward.

Thanks in advance,

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