DBA Tools question

DBA Tools question

Post by Sanjay Rallapall » Thu, 26 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,
I have just taken over a rather messed up database( I mean messed up
baad!!!). There
are tables with over 300 extents !! I can reorg TSes manually and can do
backups etc. Have scripts to do that. But, in order to cut down on
overtime and
heartburn, I need some advice from the gurus. Here goes
1. could you suggest tools for DB management or is OEM suffiecient. By
tools I mean
Platinum's TSReorg( or is there something cheaper) ?
2. Tools for backup like Legato/ or Backtrack? which is the more popular
3. Do you lay down database/db-object design rules, and other database
strategies, like a formal document? I was planning on doing that , since
I have a team of
Mainframe programmers to manage?

sounds like a tall order, but please help. A bag of the best dark roast
to those who
help (:-) )


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I am in the process of porting the database for a powerbuilder 7
application from a simple ODBC database to Sybase SQL Server 11.  One of
my major frustrations (or lack of knowledge!), is that I cannot figure
out how to easily maintain the database.

When it was an ODBC database, I was able to use either ISQL or Sybase
Central to view or maintain the database schema or stored procedures,
and I had access to the various database utilities in both these

I'm not sure if these two products can see the database server, or if
they're primarily intended for local databases.

Regardless, I desperately need access to these or similiar utilities.
Can anyone provide me with the information necessary to either get these
tools working, or to point me at 3rd party products which provide
similiar functionality?

Rick McCallion
Acropolis Consulting Services Inc.

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