tnsnames.ora and listener.ora for OPS?

tnsnames.ora and listener.ora for OPS?

Post by Albrecht von Falkenhause » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi there,

I need some help in configuring both tnsnames.ora and listener.ora for
Oracle Parallel Server (Oracle 8.0.5). I would like to configure OPS for
loadbalacing and failover.

The examples from the Oracle8i Manual for Net8 configuration do'nt seem
to work with Oracle8.0.5.

Thanks for any help.



1. sample file of tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,sqlnet.ora please

I can't start the oracle intelligent agent to use the OEM.
I think something must be wrong in my .ora files.

If someone can use OEM,
can you post some sample files
of tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,sqlnet.ora,snmp_rw.ora,services.ora
for me to reference ?

I use oracle 8.0.6 oem 1.6 on NT.



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