Reports 3.0 and PDF file generetor

Reports 3.0 and PDF file generetor

Post by corrado brambill » Sat, 28 Oct 2000 23:28:38

Hi folk

When I try to generate a pdf file from reports 3.0 I realize
that the field filled in a "before_parameter_form" trigger don't be
whit the correct value, but they filled whit null (I suppose) so I can't

obtain a correct pdf file.

How can I solve my problem?

To generate the pdf files I do these step

1 - run report from forms
2 - choose file\generete\pdf from report men and run the report again .

Ciao Corrado.


1. PDX9 Report -> PDF file

First, let me suggest a great site for PDF info -  It's
where I've found much useful information re: pdf, and where I found the link
to 5D.

I've successfully used 2 products to create PDF files automatically.

1) 5D PDF Creator from 5D Solutions

Installs as a printer driver which can be selected by Objectpal. Although
you can't 'control' the application, you can tell it to automatically name &
save .pdf files to a specific place, then have Objectpal attach the file to
email & send it. (Then delete the file. If you don't, 5D will increment the
file name.) Anyway, check it out. It's cheaper than Acrobat ($99, if I
remember correctly) and there's a trial version you can test with (prints a
banner watermark on the output).

2) pcl2pdf from Visual Software.

It 'reads' pcl (HP Laserjet) print files that have been saved to disk and
converts them to pdf format. Useful for non-Windows printing.

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