A question

A question

Post by Gita Dane » Sun, 14 Jul 2002 04:41:27

I have an VARRAY(10) of number.I want its elements to be foreign keys
to a primary key (number) of another table.How I should implement it?

1. Questions, questions and more questions...

Some of these might sound rather silly, but I cannot seem to find the
answers for these questions.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

1)If you created a several servers on SQL 6.5 and now want to
reorganize them, is it possible to just create the new groups and
drag-and-drop the servers into them, or must they be recreated from

do a db dump and when in Transact SQL?

3)If you want to copy 3 out of 7 columns in a table into an ASCII
file, what would be better, BCP or Transfer Manager?

(I know the syntax is faulty), where is the log dumped to?  Or is it
just cleared?  

5)With a database that is marked as suspect after a media failure on a
database device, what should be used?
                -recreate the device and use DBCC dbrepair
                -manually remove all entries of the device from the
                        system tables, recreate and restore
                -drop, recreate and restore the db and device

6)"Bad token from SQL server.  Datastream process out of
What does that error mean and what would cause it?

7)When do you back up the msdb?  -after syncronizing a replication db
                                 -after scheduling tasks
                                 -after creating or editing alerts
                                 -after setting up replication tasks
                                        on a distribution server

8)What things can be defined to generate an alert?
        -error severity lvl
        -error number by using RAISEERRROR WITH LOG
        -sql server error number
        -nt server error number

9)Max page locks before a table lock?  200/256/40%/50%

10)If there was a power failure with tempdb in RAM, how is the
masterdb recovered?  Disk Reinit?

11)What can I use to prevent a server from receiving replicated data?
Select into/bulk copy?

Thanks...if there is anyone who can help me with some advice for the
SQL 6.5 admin exam I would really appreciate it.


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