REPOST: oracle installation problem

REPOST: oracle installation problem

Post by perseu » Mon, 28 Jan 2002 00:39:58

hi all,

    I am trying to install oracle 8.1.7 in my redhat 7.2 (all my development
project are here so it's difficult to change to SuSE now) and I know the
compatibility problem of the gcc library and I am planning to do a patch
from oracle after the installation.

    However, when I created all neccessary groups, user and environment
path, I then run ./runInstaller. It display the message:

Initializing Java Virtual Mahine from ../Stage/Comonenet/......./jre. Please

Then it hangs there without error msg and termination up to now 20 mins. So
how could I detect what sort of error is it ? Or is there anything that have
I set wrong would lead to this ?

Thanks a lot.

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