Oracle Lite 3.0 does not use indexes ?1?

Oracle Lite 3.0 does not use indexes ?1?

Post by Mohamad SALE » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00

> Hi folks,
> I observe very strange performance problems with Oracle Lite
> I have a big table (about 6 million records) and a simple query like this:

> SELECT population_80
> WHERE population_80>1000

> If you index population80 (via Oracle Navigator) it takes about 5 min to
> complete the query. However, if you drop the index - only  one minute. Is that
> true that Oracle Lite uses indexes only for comparison "=" and not for "<" and
> ">" ?

Using indexes doesn't always mean better performance! If the majority of your rows
in the example
has a value > 1000, then using the index will be poor. If you use the rule based
optimizer approach
to execute the statement the index will be used even if it has poor performance

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