DBA Horror Stories

DBA Horror Stories

Post by Joel Gar » Thu, 01 Jan 1998 04:00:00


I've decided the world needs a DBA Horror Stories web page.  So I need some
horror stories.  Send your stories to:

All submissions will be anonymized, unless you specifically ask for public
attribution.  Apologies to anyone seeing this message more than once, I
don't know _what_ is with compuserve and newsgroup postings.  Must be a
sysadmin horror story... so don't reply to this message, send it explicitly
to my cserve address.  I reserve the right to make final judgement on
everything.  That's an underscore between joel and garry, for those with
strange newsreaders and stranger ideas about email addresses.  I will announce
if and when this page ever comes off.

So come on!  Ever make a really stupid mistake?  Fess up!  Ever have a dba
make BOFH look nice?  Ever have management think "Administrator" means "Data
Entry Clerk?"  Get paged out of a hot date because someone forgot a "commit?"
Blown a production system with one mistyped character?  Seen some really strange
hardware problems?  Seen some psychotic consultant take control of managements
brains?  Have a macho programmer not believe Oracle is more complicated than
DBase III?  Get backup files confused during a restore?  This is your big
opportunity for catharsis!

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