Can't get passed the Connect aspect to Forms 4.5

Can't get passed the Connect aspect to Forms 4.5

Post by Robert J Si » Mon, 24 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I purchased Oracle Unleashed and have installed the Personal Oracle7,
Forms 4.5, Designer, etc. (Basically the Developer / 2000 stuff for
trial). I only want to work locally on my laptop to learn
Forms/Reports/Graphics etc. However, whenever I work through some
examples in the books I have, these apps prompt me for a name,
password, and connection to a database, as if it is looking for me to
use some transport (IPX or TCPIP or something) to connect to an Oracle
Server. I get an error message ORA-12203: TNS:unable to connect to
destination or ORA-03121:no interface driver connected - function not
performed (I TRIED to establish an alias for a local database with the
2:). I don't want remote databases and rdb drivers or odbc drivers and
sql*net etc. etc.. I just want to work stand alone, with the sample
databases installed by the trial CD rom. How can I edit Oracle.ini or
odbc.ini, or anything to point to just a local database and not prompt
for all this connect string stuff?

Again, I just want to install the trial versions of the Developer
2000, Power Objects, and Personal Oracle7 for Windows 95 from the CD
and run them stand alone (or locally) on my laptop, not connected to
any network. What configuration settings am I not getting set
correctly?  Thanks very very much in advance. I have been fighting
this for weeks!!

Bob Sims


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