FRM-21011 Error

FRM-21011 Error

Post by Louise Weile » Wed, 05 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi Folks...

I (as a Windows 3.11 Oracle Developer) have been trying to walk a
non-Oracle person through the installation of Personal Oracle 7, Developer
2000, and the software I have been developing onto a Windows NT 4.0 laptop
for a demo.  Now, my knowledge of NT 4.0 is limited, and this other guy's
knowledge of Oracle is none, so I am trying to diagnose problems remotely.

He has installed the Oracle software, and has installed the software I have
written (which, btw, works fine in a Windows 3.11 on a PC LAN environment).
 But, when he tries to execute the main menu using runform, he gets an
FRM-21011 error.  Now, I've searched the documentation I have on disk with
Developer 2000, and I've searched all the codes/messages books in my office
(some of which are SCO/Unix, some of which are Windows bases) for this
error message, and I have found NOTHING.  Any ideas where I should be
looking?  I really HATE to try to walk this guy through the de* in
Forms, and getting me and the laptop in the same county (let alone same
office) probably WON'T happen.

Thanks in advance....


-- Louise

Louise J Weiler
Ballston Lake, NY


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